Aunt Vadge: a cut at the join of my labia and clitoris hasn’t healed after three weeks

Dear Aunt Vadge, 

I have a rip or tear in the area where it joins between the clitoral hood and labia. It looks different from the other side of the fold. It hangs down from the skin fold. I looked in the mirror when I first felt it.

It’s fairly tiny, but I feel sore and it burns after intercourse. I thought it was healed after a week of no intercourse, however, I looked at it again and it’s not healed after three weeks of no sex.

  • I am underweight and 45 years old. Also, I am a raw vegan. 
  • What should I do now? I will stop having intercourse for a while again.
  • Should I stop until I am healed fully?
  • Will I require stitching? 
  • Do doctors stitch this area or let it heal up, since it’s pretty small? 

Thank you.
Age 45, California

Dear Unhealed,

After three weeks, it should be healed up, not hanging loose, so it’s best to see your doctor for examination.

You mention being a raw vegan and underweight, which at age 45 may mean you’re running on empty hormonally and nutritionally, which can result in easy cuts and tears, and slow healing.

My best suggestion is to get a Cronometer subscription and log all your meals so you can see what you’re missing and what you’re getting plenty of. A raw vegan diet can be pretty rough on your body in many ways, and for some people is an extreme way to eat.

We need fat to make hormones and we need nutrients for every single thing our body does, thinks and feels. It’s important for you to see what your nutrient-o-meter says and try to fill in the gaps. You’ll feel a million times better for it and your body will be able to heal itself.

If correcting any nutrient deficiencies doesn’t solve the problem, you may be better off making an appointment with one of our specialist practitioners to get a better idea of what else needs correcting, particularly heading into perimenopause.

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge  

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