Aunt Vadge: Why did I get fever and upset tummy after my boyfriend fingered me?

Hi there Aunt Vadge, 

My boyfriend fingered me a day ago, and when he removed his fingers there was blood on them, then the very next day I had fever stomach pain continuously. These are very like cramps and very bad digestion as if Im having loóse motions. What is it? What should I do? Please suggest. 

Age: 19
Country/Area: India

Dear Unwell,

Your digestive system and immune system are pretty separate to each other, so it is impossible (so far as I know) for fingering to cause fever and stomach pains. That sounds very much like you have ended up with a stomach bug, which is causing cramping, loose stools, and bad digestion, while the bleeding you experienced from your fingering could be damage from your boyfriend’s fingers (he needs to read this if that’s the case) or it could be your period.

If it’s your period, then it is far more likely that your loose stools and cramps are from your period, not from the fingering. Those things are definitely connected. Your period can cause loose stools and stomach problems, due to the hormonal connections and body changes that occur as a result. This can sometimes be what happens every cycle when you get your period.

Do you have your period?

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge  

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