Aunt Vadge: I kissed my girlfriend’s vagina and now it’s bleeding – help!

Hi Aunt Vadge, 

Sorry to ask this question. Yesterday I kissed my girlfriend’s vagina in excitement, but after a few hours, she was bleeding from her vagina and also in pain. Today she is also bleeding.

Is anything I did dangerous or anything a problem? Please tell me, I’m so upset about this, and also fear too much. Please tell me the solution. What should I do?

Concerned Boyfriend
India, Age 20

Concerned Boyfriend, don’t be sorry! You can ask us anything you want and we will do our best to answer it.

If you kissed your girlfriend’s vagina carefully and gently and used only your lips and tongue (not teeth, no sharp fingernails, etc.), and she didn’t cry out in pain or indicate there was a problem, then it seems impossible for you to have caused your girlfriend’s vaginal bleeding. Did you use a finger? Did you insert anything into her vagina? Were you rough?

Vaginas are very delicate, but tongues and lips do not cause bleeding. Fingers, teeth and other objects can if they are used on a vagina that is not ready to be touched, but kissing won’t cause bleeding.

Your girlfriend may have either done something to her vagina herself (hurt herself by mistake), or in fact she has a normal menstrual period and that is what the bleeding is. Does she know when her period is due? Sometimes periods can just ‘show up’ at inopportune moments!

Have a read of our guides to sex, oral sex, and fingering to make sure you have done everything right (and learn a few new tips), and make sure that the bleeding wasn’t because of you.

Keep us posted!

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge

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