Aunt Vadge: poor diet related to vaginal cuts?

Hi Aunt Vadge,

I don’t wanna say my age or anything, as I feel embarrassed. It’s not too bad, it just hurts and I don’t know what to do. I’m confused – I don’t do any sexual things, I don’t know if it because of my health as I eat a lot of unhealthy food. 

The cuts went away but if they come back, what would be something to help it stop hurting? I’m not sexually active, and I don’t take birth control. It itches, and it’s like a burning feeling when I have a cut, and it bleeds sometimes. 

Thank you for responding. 


Hi Cut,

Cuts and bleeding from the vagina for no reason is a cause for an investigation, because while it might not be super serious, you need to know why it is happening.

Feeling embarrassed and avoiding prying eyes is completely normal, but unfortunately it doesn’t solve the problem, so if you follow the suggestions below and the cuts return, you will need to go and get examined and get some tests done at your local sexual health clinic.

You probably have the cuts for one of two reasons:

1. You are doing something to your vagina to hurt it.

This could be masturbating, wearing scratchy underwear, riding a bike or sweating too much after shaving (chafing). You can be the only judge of this, so check your practices and make sure you are not doing something that causes your vulva to rub on anything. Tampons, pads, poor-quality laundry detergent that is causing an allergy… The list is endless, so go through everything that ever touches your vagina, and see if it’s that.

2. You have a problem that is coming from the inside that causes your delicate vaginal flesh to become easily torn.

These problems could include not getting the nutrients your skin needs to quickly repair itself. You mention you have a poor diet, so that is easily fixed, and might just work wonders. Changing your diet will help a lot of problems, since if you are displaying this level of nutrient deficiencies, you no doubt have a host of other symptoms. I’d suggest that you may have bad skin (pimples, rashes, dry skin, or other problems), your hair isn’t shiny and glossy like it should be, and you may feel tired and have foggy brain.

These are all problems that can be solved by eating properly. To start with, every day you must eat at least three different coloured vegetables (potatoes do NOT count!), at least a cup of each vegetable. At every meal, you must have a fist-sized portion of good-quality protein, which means a meat of some kind (chicken, fish, pork, lamb, steak). You also need some carbohydrate with your food, so make sure you add a cup of wholegrains to this mix – that is, brown rice, or something else that you like that is a wholegrain.

Drink water, not soda. When you get hungry, have snacks of nuts, and don’t buy cheap, worthless takeaway food. Get used to eating differently, and you will start to feel better and I will hazard a guess that your vaginal cuts will clear up, never to be seen again.

Your body needs protein and zinc and other vitamins and minerals to build healthy skin. If you don’t get enough, your skin starts to fall apart a bit, break easily and not function properly. This has probably been going on for some time, so think carefully about what you put into your body. Choose nutrients, not trash food, and you will start to really feel amazing.

Eat fermented foods too to help your gut and vagina – you can easily make some of these at home, and eat them every day, and look online for help.

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge

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