Aunt Vadge: sex cuts have become lumpy

Hi there Aunt Vadge, 

I am 18 and have fissures that have caused lumps of skin around the lower area of my vulva, and affects my sex life. I’m not sure if they are infected or not. They do not itch or hurt but I’m terrified.

What should I do? What could be the reason?

Is it possible that they have formed lumps because I have a very rough, active sex life and I don’t let them heal? And if so… now that they are there, if I stop sex will they go away? Also what measures can I take to make sure they do not occur again?


Dear Lumpy,

It’s possible that you have the type of skin that forms what’s known as keloid scars. We have a huge article about this here, so please have a read, and see if that seems like a possibility. The ongoing inflammation of your vaginal entrance/vulva is a key trigger for keloid scarring, and you are about the right age for it to occur.

It might pay to stop having rough sex so you are not perpetuating the problem, until you can get a proper diagnosis from a doctor. You need to make an appointment to see a doctor, since what you are describing sounds abnormal no matter what it is. You need to know, because you could be doing your vulva permanent damage.

So stop having rough sex (but make sure any cuts have healed before you have gentle sex – inflammation causes this condition) and make a doctor’s appointment so you can get this sorted.

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge  

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