Aunt Vadge: sex scratch that keeps bleeding

Hi Aunt Vadge,

I have a tear between my vagina and urethra, and it has been bleeding for going on 3 days.

Should I be concerned, and what can I do to assist with the healing? It hasn’t been a steady flow, but my movement throughout the day seems to increase the flow. I am 36 and during digital penetration my boyfriend scratched me. 


Hi Scratched,

That is one almighty scratch!

You would treat the scratch as you would any other wound: keep it clean by washing it gently with warm water and some gentle hypoallergenic soap, but don’t overwash – you need the wound to close over so it can stop bleeding, which means you need some help with that.

You can also use some vulva and vagina-safe cuts cream to help your cuts heal.

Try to urinate so that the acidic urine doesn’t go onto the wound (if possible – I know this is hard!). Vaseline or paw paw ointment would be very useful here, as it creates a waterproof barrier between the skin and everything else, though it will be a hard place to keep the Vaseline on with underwear.

You may need to use quite a lot, so don’t wear your favourite underwear – Vaseline is a petroleum by-product and is oily, which is why it’s useful, but it will stain your clothes. Vaseline will also keep the wound a bit more flexible as it heals. Going without underwear is probably going to be a really good idea for you until it heals better.

You can be the judge of that, but the less irritation, the better. Avoid any position that makes it bleed – if you sit a certain way, just avoid it, for at least a day, so your flesh can get a grip on the other side and knit together.

Because of the positioning, it may take a little longer to heal, so don’t have sex or masturbate until it is fully healed.

If it doesn’t seem to be healing after three days longer, please visit your physician to see why – that would be unusual. The flesh around our genitals tends to heal very quickly.

Also, without stating the obvious, anyone finger banging you needs to have clean, trimmed fingernails. Scratching is not awesome.

Good luck and happy healing!

Aunt Vadge

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