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Thanks for writing! It may take up to three days for you to get an answer to your vagina quandary. Please read these terms and conditions in their entirety so we are all on the same page.

If you problem is severe or is getting worse, you have a fever, are bleeding excessively, or feeling faint or otherwise ill, please seek medical attention immediately – we cannot help you.

Additionally, if you have something to add that you forgot to tell us, you can email us at to add to your submission. If we need more information, we will email you back.

About the Aunt Vadge service

This advice service is provided free by My Vagina qualified naturopaths as a general advice platform, and it does not take your specific circumstances – besides what information you have provided us – into consideration.

We do our best to offer the best general advice and observations, however without having all the information available to us, we cannot be sure it is right for you in particular. You need to be responsible for the actions you take in their entirety, with this guidance used as ideas for treating yourself at home, and nothing more. It is not medical care, and we are not doctors.

We are not doctors and cannot prescribe, diagnose or treat your medical problems.

We provide access to information and detail the options open to you to help you discover the causes of problems, explain how your body works, and help you on your journey to a healthy and happy vagina. Despite our care and attention, the information may in fact not be accurate or complete.

Yes, we have to cover our butts, so please do your part too, and take responsibility for your health by getting good advice from a real person who knows you better than us.

Your body is unique to you, and therefore general advice may not be appropriate, especially if you are on medication, have diagnosed medical conditions or are otherwise unwell in other ways.

It is always advisable to not only do your homework online – there is a plethora of great information out there, including on the My Vagina site – but form a relationship with a trusted practitioner in your area who you can really blame when things go wrong! Again, thank you for your email, and we are very much looking forward to sending you our thoughts on your vagina problem.

Warmest regards, Aunt Vadge and the My Vagina Team