Aunt Vadge: will this cut on my clitoris ever heal?

Hey Aunt Vadge,

So recently over the weekend (today is Wednesday), I was with my girlfriend and she started doing oral activities with me. One of them, I believe, involved her almost “pulling” at my clitoris and although it didn’t hurt while in the process but later on when I was home, I noticed it was sore there, maybe?

A day or two later I had realized that the “soreness” was still there, so I began to explore with a mirror, and noticed a cut or a small scrape right next to my clitoris. Although this might be a minor problem, I am still worried as to what I should do while it is healing, or if it will ever heal?


Dear Nervous,

Thank you for your email – I can understand why you would be even just the tiniest bit worried. A cut anywhere on your vagina or vulva is a cause of for concern simply because it’s uncomfortable and can really sting.

What’s great about the vagina (and anal area, for that matter) is that the flesh, like our mouths, heals really quickly. The cells have high turnover, so any scratches, cuts or other wounds tend to heal very quickly and don’t leave a scar.

So, to respond to your query: you’re right. It’s a minor problem and you actually don’t have to do anything while it heals. It will heal all by itself, and all you need to do is go about your normal activities and it will go away all on its own. I would expect that in no more than three days, you will have forgotten all about it.

There are a few tips that go with wound healing, so I’ll just list them in case you are not familiar:

  1. Keep the wound clean. This means showering at least once a day and washing your vulva as per usual either with warm water, or a small amount of neutral soap. You do not have to go nuts on the washing; just your usual showering is fine. ‘Clean’ here just means not dirty, greasy or smelly. Just regular ‘ole clean.
  2. Apply a very small amount of emollient if you want to to keep the skin flexible – this might be paw paw, Vaseline, vitamin E or coconut oil – it doesn’t matter. It could be olive oil. Basically the point is to keep it smooth and supple while it heals, as opposed to a little knobby scab that hurts when you move. It may just make it slightly more comfortable, but really, it isn’t going to make any difference to how well it heals. This is not a necessary step, but one it is fine for you to take should you so desire. It is important to note that your flesh will heal adequately on its own.
  3.  Don’t fiddle. Don’t pick, don’t scratch, don’t have sex, don’t masturbate. Don’t interrupt your skin stitching itself back together. Your proteins need to connect and rebuild, so let them. Every time you fiddle, you bust it open and it has to start all over again. Your clitoris will sigh at you.
  4. As a matter of courtesy, education and prevention, explain to your lover what has happened so that it never happens again. She was vigorous and has longer nails than finger play in a vagina wants, and it has caused you damage, therefore unless that was your intention and you liked it, it’s better that next time you are both more careful. She should trim her nails so there are no sharp edges, and if they are really long, she can wear a latex glove to protect you, which of course sounds horrible, so trimming and being careful it probably will be! The skin around the vulva and clitoris is actually pretty delicate, and those little joins and edges are so easily torn and ripped. Even just pulling the lips away from each other to inspect or clean can cause some women a small cut, so just be super gentle, and know the limits of your lips, ladies.

Naturally if it feels like it isn’t healing properly or it bleeds unnecessarily, see your chosen practitioner to be inspected. However, all in all, I think this appears to be a cut-n-dried case of sexual damage that will heal in no time at all. If you need any more help, you know where to find us.

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge

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