Aunt Vadge: would the BV Herbal Blend irritate my sensitive bladder?

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Hi Aunt Vadge,

Aunt Vadge’s BV Herbal Blend product was highly recommended by another user. I’m looking at the blend and wondered if it would irritate the bladder.

I had a mesh removal back in July and my bladder is very sensitive to the point the Metronidazole caused a lot of pelvic pain and I have a bad UTI because of it.

Age 57
, Texas USA


Hey there, Wendy!

Sounds like you’ve had a bit of a tussle with your bladder and pelvic region, especially after mesh removal—yowch!

Now, talking about Aunt Vadge’s BV Herbal Blend, it’s truly loved by those who’ve given it a whirl. It’s like a botanical bouncer, turfing out the nasty microbes who are crashing the vaginal party, while bringing back the good guys to stand guard.

Propolis resin is one of the stars in the blend, and it’s got a rep for being a pretty cool antimicrobial that can go toe-to-toe with viruses, parasites, and fungi without breaking a sweat【35†source】.

The base of sweet almond oil is like giving your skin a big ol’ glass of almond milk. It’s generally considered gentle, less likely to irritate, and hydrating without the heavy feel, making it a darling in skincare for those with sensitive souls… or sensitive bladders.

As for kawakawa, it’s like the herbal hero from the land of the Kiwis (New Zealand, not the fruit!) that has a reputation for being a skin soother, often used in traditional remedies.

Licorice root extract, from Glycyrrhiza glabra, is a handy herb with a treasure trove of uses, especially when you need to put out a few fires in the inflammation department.

This little root is a multitasker – it brings antimicrobial action to the table, meaning it can help send packing any microbe misfits causing trouble in your southern hemisphere. Plus, it’s got some immune-regulating and anti-inflammatory street cred too, especially when whipped into a topical preparation【8†source】.

Part of the secret sauce in liquorice is glycyrrhiza, a slick-sounding compound that takes charge of the antimicrobial powers. But that’s not all – liquorice can strut around like hydrocortisone, soothing inflammation and joining the comfort crusade for itchy, sore, and unhappy cells【7†source】.

When your vagina is throwing a tantrum, all red and inflamed from an infection or a bacteria bash gone rogue, liquorice root extract steps in like a soothing lullaby, toning down the itching, soreness, and awkward discharge. It’s been shown to throw punches against both gram-positive and gram-negative troublemakers, a real one-two punch for microbial messes【6†source】.

Then there’s magnificent tea tree oil, a real gem from the land down under—Australia and New Zealand. This zesty little oil is like a superhero for your lady bits, striking a mighty blow to a whole squad of pathogens without sidelining your precious lactobacilli. That’s right, it plays nice with the good bacteria, making it an excellent ally in the battle against those pesky invaders【48†source】.

Tea tree oil is like that one friend who knows how to balance having a good time without wrecking the place, targeting all the mischief-makers while keeping the peace with the local residents. It’s tough against antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antiprotozoal baddies, which can make it a helpful addition to any blend.

But, and this is a big but, considering your delicate bladder situation and recent history with antibiotics and UTIs, the lactulose component of the blend might create a problem.

Lactulose is a prebiotic that selectively feeds lactobacilli and starves pathogens – except some specific pathogens, typically those present in UTIs. You can check the list of bacteria that love lactulose and see if yours are on the list. If they are, avoid any of Aunt Vadge’s treatments that contain lactulose. It’s great for some situations, but not all.

Now, onto the bladder worries. With your sensitive bladder, especially post-metronidazole drama and the UTI encore, you’re going to want to be extra careful with any new products. While the ingredients in the BV Herbal Blend are known for their gentle touch, it’s like introducing new friends to a sensitive pet—you want to make sure they’ll get along.

Given that you’re no stranger to antibiotics and their less fun side effects, and considering your sensitive bladder situation, my dear, the key as you know is to tread lightly.

In fact, instead of trying treatments like the BV blend, I strongly recommend that you book with one of our vulvovaginal specialist practitioners and get some personalised advice and tailored treatments that take your delicate situation into account. Simone Jeffries – our resident expert in all things menopause, UTI and vagina – is a great choice for you, and could be a game-changing appointment if you’ve been struggling for a while.

We see a lot of UTIs and BV in menopause, and the solution isn’t always more antimicrobials – there’s a lot more going on under the hood than you might think! Having someone experienced in looking for solutions outside the box might be just what the doctor ordered.

Here’s to taking gentle steps toward your recovery and finding the perfect blend for your bladder.

Warmly and with care,
Aunt Vadge 🌿💖

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