Where can I buy boric acid from?

You can find boric acid online and either buy the powder and make your own vegetable capsules up at home, or buy them already in capsules. Usually buying a jar of raw ingredient and the vegetable caps online is cheaper if you are on a budget, but buying them already made is much more convenient and there are some capsules for about $20.

Depending on what country you live in, try major online retailers like Amazon or eBay. We can’t vouch for any brands of either vaginal suppositories or powders specifically, since brands differ around the world, but boric acid is like salt – it either is or it isn’t. Check ingredients and if it says only boric acid, then you have the right stuff.

You can buy boric acid powder inexpensively if you do an online search for boric acid powder by itself, instead of vaginal boric acid suppositories, to make your own capsules at home. Don’t let the pest control talk put you off – this stuff is super cheap. You can buy 28 grams/1 ounce – which gives you 21 doses of 600mg – for less than $5. Hunt around online for bargains if you are on a budget. It’s good to have around in any case, and stored properly lasts forever.

Avoid any added ingredients, and make sure the capsules are vegetable, not gelatin, so they dissolve in your vagina.

Don’t eat boric acid!
Don’t buy borax – it is different to boric acid!
Don’t buy boron – it is different to boric acid!

Check out our fact sheet on boric acid, with all the research that proves it is safe and effective when used vaginally. It is also used as a pesticide, because it causes some bugs (cockroaches and ants, namely) problems with their digestive and nervous system. It does not have this effect in humans. This is why pest stores stock boric acid, and your local supermarket may have some in the laundry aisle.

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