If you are going to understand what’s happening, you need to know what you’re working with. We offer you guides to vulvovaginal symptoms, conditions and common children’s vaginal conditions, and what to do about them.

We’re also publishing a book, the dad’s guide to caring for their daughter’s vagina – tips, tricks and how-to’s, not to be missed.

We delve and weed and peer and poke. Welcome to My Vagina.

The treatment strategies explained on My Vagina cover all bases, are in plain English, and aim to be smart and funny – like you. You are a real person, with feelings and thoughts of your own, with a body that you know better than anyone.

As naturopaths, we like to work with your body, not against it, and that means involving you in the process. You are more than the sum of your diseases!

We help you navigate the folds confidently.


Have a snoop around!