Fresh milk kefir grains vs dried milk kefir grains

Fresh Milk Kefir Grains

Dried milk kefir grains are inferior for use in the vagina. There are far fewer bacteria, fewer species, and it takes much longer for the bacteria to ‘come back to life’ after being dried. This is due to the loss of viable bacteria during the drying process and the degradation of the grains.

Over time, if left to ‘wildcraft’ bacteria on the bench (that is, to naturally collect beneficial bacteria from the air), or with the introduction of probiotic bacteria, your milk kefir grains can become strong and healthy, however usually for vaginal treatments you want the grains to work quickly, with maximum effect. You do not want a half-pie treatment.

We recommend only using fresh milk kefir grains for any vaginal treatments. We also do not recommend using store-bought milk kefir. Read more about this here.