Aunt Vadge: I feel like I need to pee 24/7

Dear Aunt Vadge,

First off thank you for existing you’re honestly a lifesaver, second I’m kinda super shy and don’t really know how to talk about stuff like this, mostly because I don’t have anyone to talk to about it.

But… for a while now there have been random moments where my vagina is just in constant discomfort, and I feel like I have to pee 24/7, but when I go to the bathroom it’s very little pee. Like a few drops and that’s it.

I take Tylenol or ibuprofen but the pain and discomfort don’t go away. I don’t know why it’s like this, but it does not feel good.

Can you help me figure out what is up?

Yours sincerely,
Age: 16
Country: Missouri, United States


Dear Hurting,

It sounds like you have a urinary tract infection or urinary tract inflammation. It’s not unusual to get these types of infections or irritations (unfortunately), but you do need to get it treated as soon as possible.

Read all our information so you can see if this is what’s going on. If the pain is also in your vagina, vulva or anywhere in between (not just your urinary tract), then you may have more going on. But, in saying that, a UTI for any length of time causes local inflammation and pain. It’s VERY uncomfortable.

While there are ways to treat this at home, if you’ve had it for a while it may pay to (if you can at the moment during quarantine without endangering family members with COVID-19) visit a sexual health clinic or your doctor and ask for a test.

The medical system is currently under a huge strain, particularly in the United States as the pandemic goes crazy, so it might be difficult to access safe medical services.

You can try a couple of things at home first, with the first being reflexology. It might sound weird, but it can work very well if you’re in a pickle.

Instructions for using reflexology to manage or treat a UTI at home.

The other important thing is to make sure you are not putting anything near your vulva (your outer vaginal lips and area) that could be irritating. Banned items include printed toilet paper, creams, lotions, douches and other problem products. Simply wash your vulva with plain water in the shower or bath, and avoid the use of irritating soaps, bubble baths and other shower gels or soaps. You want nothing but plain water on your vulva.

You can cause your urethral opening irritation from these products. Completely avoid them.

Without a test, you’re flying blind with what’s truly going on, but either way, some sort of urinary tract irritation or infection seems to be occurring.

Things to look out for in terms of the problem spreading into your kidneys is pain on your mid-lower back (where your kidneys sit), blood in your urine or fever. If anything seems to be worsening, you need to see a doctor immediately for treatment with antibiotics. You cannot treat a kidney infection or a severe urinary tract infection at home.

If you have access to it, start a high-dose cranberry regime, which works for some bacteria (but not others). You want to buy the high-dose type, not just regular cranberry, or find some D-mannose.

I know it can seem difficult, and I’m not sure what your family situation is, but you may need to talk to someone you trust about what’s going on so that if it worsens, you have access to a doctor. I realise you are 16 and probably don’t have any of your own money, so you may need to ask for help from someone. I realise it can be embarrassing, but you haven’t done anything wrong, and taking care of your body is really important. Unchecked infections can cause huge issues.

You can tell a trusted person – perhaps a family friend or relative who is likely to know what to do – that you think you have a urinary tract infection. Try the reflexology – it can work really well, but you do need to do it thoroughly and it does hurt a bit! But, you’ll notice that when you do it, the feeling of needing to pee all the time will dissipate.

Drink plenty of water so that when you pee, something at least comes out, and if you need to, get a cup of warm water to dribble over your vulva when you pee to lessen the burn.

UTIs are the worst! They’re horrible and you can’t focus on anything and it’s truly miserable.

Read all the instructions and please write anytime if you get stuck. I am here to help you through this sticky situation!

Aunt Vadge