Aunt Vadge: Got fingered – am I pregnant?

Hi there Aunt Vadge,

So I’m really stressed because my boyfriend came over on the 15th of March and he fingered me, but he was masturbating with his other hand and ejaculated in his hand.

He washed his hands afterwards, but fingered me again a short while after.

My period is now late and I have symptoms of tender breasts and nausea. Could there be ANY chance that I may be pregnant? I only started my period last year so I hope it’s an irregular cycle.

Age: 16
Country: South Africa


Dear S,

You are not pregnant! It sounds like you’re about to get your period. We’ve run through how you can get pregnant by fingering in our article, so have a read. I think you’re fine!

It’d be smart to track your periods and learn when you ovulate, so you know when the danger zones are for sex (penis-in-vagina sex), for when you start.

It’s also useful to see when you can and can’t get pregnant, and understand how it all works so you can rest easy and not freak out that you are pregnant every time you do something sexual with your boyfriend.

You’re all good to go! Be as careful as you both were, and you won’t get an unexpected fright one day. Understand how your fertility works, and you’ll be on top of it your whole life. It’s well worth learning. Maybe a fun lock-down activity!

Aunt Vadge