Treating a UTI or urethritis with reflexology

ATV Treat a UTI with Reflexology

Reflexology might sound like hocus pocus, but if you have nothing else in the world and need to deal with your urinary tract infection, you can use this awesome UTI trick.

Even if you do have other options, reflexology for a UTI works, but it isn’t fun. It hurts. However, with a convoluted program of sitting on the toilet drinking gallons of water, you can have it gone in half an hour. No kidding.

It’s been done many a long night when there is no doctor, no antibiotics, not even any baking soda. Just you and your thumbs and five hundred billion litres of water.

This is how we have successfully cleared up our own UTIs (and the occasional kidney infection):


1. Get a big bottle of water and start drinking. Don’t stop until your infection is gone, at the end of the process. Drinking all this water has a two-fold action: A) it constantly washes the germs away, but B) it stops that unfulfilling ache when you pee. Once your reflexology starts to work, you will feel the change so when you can pee properly again, like really properly, you can stop. This is your measuring stick.


2. Plop yourself down on the toilet and settle in. If its cold or too many other people need it, swap this for a hot bath you can pee in, or even a towel on a plastic bag. Whatever you choose, try to make it so you can just pee as if you had on a nappy. Whenever.

This is a mere comfort factor because getting up and down all the time is annoying, and wiping yourself often can make you a bit raw, adding to the discomfort. Don’t wipe. It’s fine. Just sit and dribble to your heart’s content. Nobody needs to know.

Do some fancy footwork

3. Get a foot in your hands and start working in a dedicated fashion on your bladder, ureters and kidney points. If you aren’t able to just use your thumbs, an eraser or rounded, proddy object will do. Push in deep and firm.

The most tender spots are the bits you need to focus on, with reflexology truly being a classic no pain, no gain scenario.

You will push on spots that will ease the UTI feeling for as long as you push on it, like a magic button. The more you push on it, the more the feeling will go away, and when you let go, it’ll come back until eventually your peeing problem will disappear completely using this method.ATV Treat a UTI with Reflexology

Persist! You will succeed, but you can’t stop until it’s completely done. Just get the sore bit that makes your UTI feeling go away and you will make it. Grab a book or a podcast and settle in. Relax!

Your UTI will – theoretically – soon be gone.

Warning: if there is any blood or severe pain, please go to the emergency room or see a doctor.

Bladder Ureters Kidney Reflexology Points My Vagina Bladder Ureters Kidney Reflexology Points My Vagina