Aunt Vadge: 1.5″ tear on labia – see the doc or not?

Hi there Aunt Vadge, I had an accident whilst having sex with my partner, and tore my labia where the skin joins. At the time it bled A LOT, but stopped shortly after and reduced to seeping a little. From what I can see the tear is about 1 1/2 inches. It happened around 32 hours ago now. I just don’t know wether to go and see someone or not as this has never happened to me before and I am worried. I’m currently away from home working abroad. I return back to uk on the 28th. Should I wait? Or should I try and find someone here? Is there anything else I can do? Very concerned
Kind Regards
Split X

Dear Split, That seems like a very long tear, but I don’t have enough information on whether you should see someone or not. There are two things to consider.

  1. Is there flappy skin? A 3cm/1.5″ tear would nearly tear your labia off your body, but only if it’s in a certain place. Any flappy skin, go see someone as you may need stitches.
  2. If it is a cut, then it will heal just like any cut will heal and you don’t really need to do anything except take proper hygiene and wound care of it.
    You can find out instructions on dealing with sex accidents here.

Only you can be the judge of whether you need to see someone or not, so use this as a guide, but if it continues to bleed, weeps, seems infected or anything else besides healing up nicely, go get checked.

Warmest regards

Aunt Vadge  

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