Aunt Vadge: Are these lumps my labia?

Hello Aunt Vadge, 

My vagina has two MASSIVE lumps. I have researched and I think they are called labia? But I don’t know if it’s normal! Please help me. 


Age: 13
Country/Area: UK

Dear Normal,

Have you looked up pictures of labia to see if the lumps are actually your labia? There can be a few different kinds of lumps that could develop.

Check out the labia library online, where you can see all different kinds of labia. It might pay to take a look and see if you think you are normal or need help. If your labia or vulva looks different in a major way to any of these images, then it might pay to go see a doctor and get checked, even just for your peace of mind.

Write anytime!

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge