Aunt Vadge: irregular pink tissue around vaginal opening

Hi Aunt Vadge!

I recently noticed excess irregularly shaped pink tissue around/from my vaginal opening. It is painless and looks like healthy tissue but I don’t recall seeing it this prominent before. 

It almost looks like a little tongue coming from the entrance! I don’t see how to send a pic but I saw somewhere you mentioned that I can. 

It’s almost like the opening is ruffly/irregular. 

I’m guessing it’s probably normal but I’m not sure why I wouldn’t have noticed it before, I’m pretty in tune with myself so now I’m worried/wondering if it’s new or worse. 


Age: 29
Country: US


Hi S,

It sounds as though the pink, ruffly tissue you are referring to is known as hymenal remnants. These can shift and change over the course of your life, but are completely normal and nothing to worry about.

Everyone is a bit different in terms of the appearance of the hymen and leftover tissue, with ‘finger-like’ (or little tongue-like) projections not uncommon. It can be difficult to see ourselves with any clarity, but you seem to be in tune with your vagina, so getting it checked out seems wise.

It’s important that if you see changes to your vagina or vulva that you visit your doctor and be examined, as new appearances may require treatment.

Changes to what is protruding from your vagina may indicate something a little less innocent, such as the beginning of pelvic tissue laxity that allows what was inside to become more apparent on the outside. Don’t be alarmed! But do see your doctor to check.

Typically you would expect remnants to disappear, not appear, so it would pay to be examined by your doctor at some stage, probably during your next pap test.

If the tissue doesn’t hurt, isn’t bleeding or tender, or uncomfortable in any other way, then you may like to simply give your gynaecologist a call and see what they have to say over the phone (in COVID-19 times!).

Aunt Vadge

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