A monsplasty or pubic lift is liposuction or surgical removal of excess skin of the mons pubis, which is the fatty area that your pubic hair sits on, covering the pubic mound.

The mons is a fatty pad that protects your pubic area during fertile years (during sex), but how much fat your mons pubis contains depends largely on genetics, hormones and how much fat you carry.

Menopausal women (who have less oestrogen) have less fat in the mons pubis, like prepubescent girls. If you have lost a lot of weight, your mons pubis fat or excess skin can stick around, drooping over your vulva. This can cause some women to feel self-conscious in tight clothes, swimwear, some underwear, and when naked.

There is usually no medical reason to have a monsplasty besides the cosmetic comfort, which can be immense after the change for some women.

The procedure can be done in a cosmetic surgery clinic as a day surgery using local anaesthetic, taking between one and three hours. Post-procedure pain and soreness may last 3-5 days, with some swelling and bruising likely.

If you have had surgery (as opposed to just liposuction) where skin was removed, you may have a longer recovery period. Normal exercise and sex can be resumed a few weeks post-procedure, but you’ll need to be gentle.

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