Aunt Vadge: Did I nick my clitoris or is this my period?


A 14-year-old from Australia reaches out to Aunt Vadge with concerns about blood after touching her clitoris, uncertain if it’s her period or clitoral bleeding. Aunt Vadge advises on how to assess the situation and reassures that minor injuries heal quickly, offering a comforting perspective on feminine health.

Dear Aunt Vag,

I was rubbing my clitoris just now, and I’m pretty sure I’m close to my period. When I looked down, there was a bit of blood and I’m worried I hurt my clitoris. How can I tell if this is my period or clitoral bleeding?~M
Age: 14
Country/Area: Australia

Dear M,

If your clitoris hurts, then you may have scratched it, but if it seems like your period has arrived, when you rinse off and dry your clitoris, there should be no blood.

Feel around your clitoral area and labia, and check for any pain. If you seem to be fine, then you probably are. Even if you did nick our clitoris or clitoral hood or labia with a fingernail or something, it will heal quickly and you should be ok.

Write anytime!

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge