Aunt Vadge: pains in clitoris, vagina and labia after rough sex three months ago

Dear Aunt Vadge,

I have had bad burning pain in left inner labia, entrance to vagina, urethra and a sharp pain in my clitoris after very rough sex three months ago. Could this have caused serious nerve or tissue damage? How can I help it to heal?

In Pain
Age: 37
Country: Ireland

Dear In Pain,

It sounds like you’ve definitely done something. Whether that is nerve or tissue damage is impossible to say without examining you and taking a detailed history. For this reason, I suggest you go to your gynaecologist, be examined, and get further advice.

Rough sex and its after-effects

Rough sex can cause trauma to tissue, and take a little while to fully heal, but you can be left with remaining pain if the trauma triggered off your pain response. This may require a pain specialist, but you can always make an appointment initially with a pelvic physiotherapist who can point you (less expensively) in the right direction.

Our pain response

Sometimes lingering pain is not caused by actual damage, but to your body’s response to the initial damage. Vulvar/vaginal pain can fall into this category, where your body’s response to the initial injury means it keeps the pain going ‘in fear’.

This isn’t to say your pain is all in your head! But, that our physiological response to trauma, especially of our very delicate parts, can come with secondary effects that can linger. These effects can be managed and treated, but the longer they go on and the more you worry about this pain, the worse it can get. This is why you should choose your doctor carefully, and perhaps get a recommendation from a pelvic physiotherapist, who will know the best people in the business to help you.

But, there are many options, and you need a full examination before any diagnosis can be made, by a doctor.

Sorry I can’t be much more help, but it sounds like you need in-person help!

Aunt Vadge