Aunt Vadge: I’m in a remote area and have a horrible yeast infection – help!

Hello Aunt Vadge,

I’ve had a (diagnosed) yeast infection that got treated successfully with antifungal and antibiotic pills and Gynoflor. I had it for about three months and it just wouldn’t go away.

With the above treatment though it went away fairly quickly and I could feel the difference “down there”. It would also smell more acidy.

Since the treatment, my partner and I have only had intercourse with a condom (he also got treated for it). Two days ago – so five weeks after the treatment was finished – I start having the same symptoms AGAIN: redness, soreness, pain at the “entrance”, thick-ish white discharge (not chunky, more like milky, not smelly at all.)

I am in Indonesia right now where professional medical treatment is very scarce. It’s best if I go to a pharmacy exactly knowing what I need. The next real doctor is three hours away.

I do not take any anti-baby pills or any hormones, my period is supposed to start in three days. I also don’t have any diabetes or any other diseases that I know of nor do I take any medication besides the occasional ibuprofen for period pains.

Do you have any ideas on how I could approach treatment? I’ve never before had so many problems with yeast infections and I am starting to go crazy a bit.

I am a professional diving instructor, so I run around in a wet bikini all the time and I never had problems so far.Thanks for your advice.

Age: 34
Country: Indonesia


Hey K,

That sounds miserable! Did they say what kind of yeast it was specifically? Tropical islands can have all sorts of beastly critters.

Treatments you would probably be able to get include:

  • Coconut and tea tree vaginally
  • Boric acid vaginally
  • Probiotics
  • Yoghurt (live)

Ask for boric acid capsules – or even just powder (laundry aisle in the supermarket sometimes has it!) and make your own capsules (vegetable only).

We can always post you some too if you get stuck (but if you do order them I suggest using the tracked shipping option for safety and delivery or buying from an online retailer you trust).It would also be useful to get some good bacteria into your system, so if you can, stuff your face full of fermented foods.

You could also try a women’s probiotic vaginally (make sure it is an uncoated vegetable capsule only, or transfer the capsules to vegetable only). You can also try making your own yoghurt or buying high live bacteria count yoghurt if that is a thing in Indo.

I’d take a look around our yeast infections page – it has some diet advice and some other options.

Ask for boric acid first and see if you can get it, then look for some high-quality tea tree and coconut. You can make little boats out of tin foil and put them in the freezer to mould them into shape.

Instructions here. 

Tea tree tends to be a pretty good all-rounder. Let me know how you go, and if you don’t have any success then let me know and we’ll try again!

Aunt Vadge