Rhodiola for stress and PCOS

Rhodiola is an adaptogenic herb – it helps your body to cope with the effects of stress so that you feel better, have more energy and function better overall. Rhodiola helps the body to cope with stress, improve mood, increase mental alertness (student’s love it!), decrease fatigue and heighten endurance.

How rhodiola helps PCOS

Rhodiola reduces the stress hormone cortisol, which decreases the amount of insulin your pancreas releases. This can help lower your overall androgen load and decrease symptoms of PCOS.

For some women, androgens (especially DHEAS) are also overproduced in the adrenal glands. If you have high DHEAS on your blood tests Rhodiola may help.

Cautions of rhodiola

It is important to also work on the underlying causes of your stress, both internal and external. Rhodiola is an excellent tool to get you through periods of acute stress or to help come down from chronic stress.

But, it is best not to rely on it long-term but to take the opportunity it offers to make changes to your life, state of mind and nutritional status.

See a doctor for nutrient tests and a naturopath for guidance on nutrient supplementation. To get more nutrients in your diet, try some of our PCOS-specific recipes.

How much to rhodiola to take

Follow the directions on the label of the product you purchase

Other herbs to help wind down

There are also anti-anxiety herbs, nervous system tonics, mild sedatives and hypnotics (to help with sleep).  Herbs for stress are gentle, yet powerful with little-no side effects.

Herbs can really help you to get your stress levels down to a manageable level so that you are better able to make the underlying changes to your life that address the cause of your stress.

See your naturopath or herbalist for the correct prescription and dosage for you.

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Josephine Cabrall BHSc(NAT) | ATMS
Josephine Cabrall is qualified naturopath specialising in PCOS and hormonal and fertility issues, based out of Melbourne, Australia. Josephine is a fully insured member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).