Aunt Vadge: I have ringworm on my body and genitals

Hey Aunt Vadge,

I have been noticing these ringworm-like marks all over my body. They started just on my arms and legs but have started to grow. I have noticed more are surrounding my genital area. How do I approach this issue?

Age: 21
Country/Area: United States

Hi Wrung,

It sounds like you have ringworm, but if you want to be sure, go to the doctor to be checked. Otherwise, go to your local pharmacy and ask for some appropriate cream to treat it. If you have a fungus, you will be given antifungals that are known to treat ringworm. You will be fine – it’s easy to treat – but make sure you wash all of your sheets and clothes that have come into contact with your lesions, and don’t share towels or pass it on to others in your household! It’s contagious.

You can also use pure Australian or New Zealand tea tree oil, slightly diluted tea tree oil, or oil of oregano dabbed onto the spots, to see if it will disappear that way.

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Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge  

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