Testimonials for Killing BV treatments

2 months BV-free!

Two months BV-free! The BV blend was The One. I finished my treatment Nov 13 and have had 3 periods since then. Holy ovaries – pH is holding steady at 4.0-4.2 and there’s no fishy odour!

Healthiest vagina I’ve ever had

Thank you My Vagina for your amazing personalized support this past year. I’ve been at this since last January and have tried a LOT of things from the ebook.

I have had BV “off and on” (ie. I’ve been building up biofilm) for close to 20 years so no wonder it hasn’t been a quick fix. The four-pronged approach I think has finally worked, at least so far so good!

My current ecosystem is the healthiest I’ve ever had.I think my next step is to treat my partner and see if we can re-introduce oral sex safely. 


I’m shocked! (pleasantly!)

I’m so shocked! Pleasantly, I think I may be cured! I did the routine for a week, I’m still drinking the lactoferrin powder daily.

At the end of a week I stopped the BV suppositories for 3 days like instructed, but continued drinking the powder, which btw tastes great! Each day PH 4.0 and no smell little pain and itching. I’ve continued to stay off to see if symptoms return. I’ve gone 6 days, PH 4.0 no smell. The feeling is hard to explain. I’m so happy right now. 

I had such a bad attitude, I expected to fight this for months. Could it be this simple? My true test would be sex. That usually drums it up. Unfortunately my Beau is deployed for a year,  so I won’t be able to test that for a very long time. The good news is I could work on all this while he’s gone.

I’m thrilled so far!!!

I did the four-pronged treatment and I’m cured! (and pregnant!)

Hi, I just wanted to write to say thank you so, so much for all the help with my BV/AV issues.  I had recurrent BV from late 2020 – early 2021, and all the doctors I saw here just prescribed me various antibiotics that didn’t really work and had other side effects.  And then I was left with AV, and still had symptoms.

I was so glad when I finally found My Vagina and did the consult after my first Juno test back in May, which showed NO good lactobacillus. I did the 4 pronged approach, used the AV blend, and lots of probiotics.  I just got my recent Juno results yesterday, and I have a healthy biome now!!! 

I am so thrilled, for a while I was so worried that I would never get better, and none of the doctors seemed to know what to do, or really even care.  It was really affecting my whole life.  But now I feel so much better, and also I recently found out I’m pregnant(!!), and I am so relieved that this isn’t something I have to worry about for that now (hopefully).

Thank you a million again for taking so much time and care to put together these treatments that really work!  It’s amazing, I’m just in shock and was so happy when I got the results.  I sent you the microbiome reports – this is the difference for me from between May and October of this year — wow!!


The 4-pronged approach – 3 periods later, no scent!

I finished the four-pronged treatment plan… I was pretty consistent with everything. I am happy to report that about 3 periods later I have no smell… like, at all! For the first time in a looooong time there is absolutely no scent!

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A year BV-free, my life is back

It has now been almost an entire year BV free thanks to the 3 Ls treatment! The last time we spoke, I was scared to have sex with my new boyfriend.

We have been having unprotected sex (yay) for the last 5 months and zero problems! I stopped being so scared and stopped using products every time he ejaculates in me. My vagina knows what it needs to do and balances itself! I am so so so so so so so so so so so grateful. I’m crying writing this.

My life is back!

BV-free for 2 years

Dear Aunt Vadge, it has been two years since I sought help from you and I thought I should write back and tell you what a life saver your book and treatment has been. I have been BV free for two years now since you so kindly gave me a free ebook and I tried your three L’s routine. I cannot express my happiness and thanks to you for your act of kindness. Keep up the good work.

No more BV symptoms

I wanted to touch base with you regarding my progress with your protocol.  I did everything in the four-pronged protocol, biofilm busters, etc and followed the Killing BV protocol for recolonization.

I also followed your advice and did the FODMAP diet. When the diet finally started to work I felt great.  I started reintroduction of some foods and found some definite sensitivities. My doctor recommended testing for SIBO, and I tested positive.

I have not had any BV symptoms.

I want to thank you for all of your help up to this point.  I am hoping that SIBO is the bottom line issue for me regarding BV.  Hopefully I won’t need BV assistance.

You all are so wonderful.  You have offered so much help and hope. Thank you again.

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You have saved my vagina!

Hi – I have been waiting to tell you guys this!! So excited to finally be able to respond!! I just wanted to give you an update and a thank you. I have had BV now for the last 4-5 years. I am certain I did contract it from a sexual encounter. It was very difficult to deal with and needless to say I did try everything out there.

When I first found your site a few years ago I was really excited because everything you were saying made sense. At the time you guys were on an earlier version, and I dedicated at least 4 months to the first protocol and it didn’t quite work. Right around my period or right after the smell always came back.

Needless to say I was incredibly discouraged. So I resorted to sticking about 4 probiotics up my vagina every morning and it kept things in check. Periodically I would check back in with you guys to see what was new.

Most recently you guys came out with your latest 4- prong protocol and I decided to try it again. I did the entire 4 prong regime both orally and vaginally. I figured if I was going to commit to this I was going to go full throttle and really throw everything I could at it. The first month after I completed the treatment and before my first post treatment period was awesome.

No smell, nothing. I had the keep pinching myself that I did not have to put probiotics up my vagina anymore. I knew the true test was after my first period however and I was a bit nervous. I am so happy to say that I am past my first period by a few weeks and my vagina is still odorless and normal!!!!

It’s incredible. Thank you so much for your perseverance and your guidance and your dedication. You have saved my vagina. Xoxo

BV-free for a year

This is the first time in almost a year that I haven’t had bv (for almost 2 months now) ever since I did your four-pronged treatment.

AV-free for six months

Thank you for all your help. You’ve been MORE helpful than any of the medical professionals I’ve consulted with over the years. I have now been AV free for six months and, wow, what a relief. Thank you for your amazing resources and support, it has been invaluable. I used the AV suppositories

Killing BV is fantastic!

Thank you so much for writing the Killing BV book too and the site. Comprehensive and fascinating!

Four-pronged approach – scars faded, sinuses cleared, teeth feel cleaner!

Just wanted to send a quick update. I completed the four-pronged treatment. I am happy to report that not only do I seem to be completely cured of BV, but I have also noticed many other health benefits from the recommended biofilm buster supplements!

My skin looks wonderful (and scars have faded), my teeth feel like I’ve just been to the dentist and my sinuses have significantly cleared.

Overall, I feel significantly healthier. I am going to continue to supplement with a lower dose of the enzymes and also focus on gut health. Thanks for the unique, effective protocol and the support!

Thanks so much. Your book is amazing and to the point. 

BV is gone!

I purchased your e-book and it helped me to fix my BV. I used the European over the counter suppository product which was suggested. I’d never heard of this before. Really thankful!

Your support is amazing

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me, it has been life changing, truly for me during this time.

No sign of BV!

Finally! Made it past AF and ovulation without a BV recurrence! Did get another yeast infection though. I think it’s mostly my own fault after drinking an entire bottle of champagne over 2 days and just having had antibiotics a few weeks prior. I also went on a candy binge for a couple days…perfect storm.

Oops! BUT!! My dr did an exam today and after only 2 days monistat, yeast was gone AND no sign of BV! Omg I’m over the moon happy.

We can have normal sex again!

R and I have been slowly testing the waters these past 2 weeks too. We used condoms first, then when I had no relapse, we tried bareback but he pulled out. After a week of that and no issues, we resumed normal sex where he did not pull out. A few days afterwards and no issues still. So I think we are finally ok!

I believe we will be ok now. I’m forever grateful for all your help and the resources you’ve provided, and effective treatments for both me and my partner. I know I’m not out if the woods technically until I have 3 full cycles with no recurrence, but I honestly feel the BV is gone this time.

And when we have sex now, his skin doesn’t irritate mine anymore (I felt dirty or some odd, not quite right sensation every time he touched me before treatment).

The fact that I don’t feel I have insects crawling around inside, thanks to you and the website, has as you can imagine made a massive difference to my life.

Get Killing BV now!

pH finally steady, no BV

I hope you are well. I wanted to give you a little update as to what I have been up to as using all the info/advice you have given me & I have obtained from the My Vagina website I have been able to navigate another tricky maze and emerge – so far – with my beautiful vag in tact! My vaginal pH which I do once a week is ticking along at 4-4.5 & I have no smell or discharge so everything is superb. ☺️

I did have a 2 day relapse but quickly nipped it with probiotic inserts and ACV douche opposite times of day for 5 days. Since then I’ve learned that my bouncing back and forth from yeast to BV and back again indicates that I have/had a Candida overgrowth systemically.

No yeast relapse, no BV relapse, and the most obvious two things: my cervix is finally healing itself enough to begin to produce normal amounts of CM (it’s taking time but it’s not dry and inflamed anymore).

Secondly, the PH test strips that have been teetering between light green (4.0) and darker green (4.5), even with no signs of infection…are now yellow to yellow/green for the first time since I started using them (5 mos ago).

The PH has consistently stayed 3-3.5 ever since. I still have a ways to go in terms of healing my body from that chronic inflammation that went on close to 8 months, but I’m finally on the path to being healthy again.

Much love for all your help 🙂

Thank you SO very much! You are so much more helpful than my doctors

Thanks for your response. I love you! Can I say that? Wow!

Aunt Vadge, I would have been lost without you

Hi Aunt V, I know it has been a while and I hope all is well! 🙂 I wanted to follow up to let you know that I have found a cause for all of my infections and a treatment plan. I went to a holistic kinesiologist who noticed that my hormones were off, probably due to stress etc. and put me on a few different supplements to get my body back in sync. Along with that, I also switched my birth control pill to one that worked better with my system and have been taking an all natural mineral supplement, to help promote health and pH levels throughout the body.

After a few months I was feeling a lot better than before, hormones back on track, but was still feeling a little dryer than usual, having some pain with intercourse (improved but not normal like before), and minor bacteria, which was improved but not back to normal.

I did go to Dr. Andrew Goldstein and told him I was referred by you and he knew who you were, and spoke very highly of you. Also how you have taught him many things. 🙂

He found that I do have pelvic floor dysfunction, which has been cutting off blood flow and therefore oxygen, creating an anaerobic environment, which he also thinks happened due to infections. So I will be going to physical therapy and using valium suppositories inserted in the rear, to loosen up my muscles again to their normal state, along with stress management.

As nervous as I was to go, I am very grateful to have a cause and treatment plan and agree with what you said before that this is the best case scenario and am grateful to hear that it can be reversed, without too much trouble.

Thank you, for being the only person that I could trust and for guiding me throughout this. I would have been lost without you and what you’re doing is life changing and makes a huge difference for every person who needs help, faith and hope. I wish you all the best, and will spread the word to anyone else having similar issues to visit your site. Thank you!

I finally have hope

Thank you so much for the work you’re doing. When it’s been years that you’re dealing with this issue and doctors just keep trying to give you prescriptions (which I never take), and not search for a better answer it’s so soul crushing. For the first time in a while, after finding your site, I actually feel hopeful that I won’t live my whole life with BV.

Finally kicked it!

Safe to say I have kicked the ureaplasma and gardnerella with my second negative swab for it 🥳🥳 I suffered with this for 4 years before a year long healing journey with My Vagina. Symptoms are gone and I finally feel normal!  Thank you, Thank you so very much Jess 🥰


Hey girl, wanted to tell you that your method really worked. Like reeeeally really. Thank you.

Thank you so much for your support and help! You guys are the best 🙂

I have hope again

Thank you so much for your help. I’m so thankful I found your website–the information I have learned has given me hope!

Your treatment worked! 

I tried a treatment orally and the European treatment you recommend for 6 days. After about 10 days the smell was gone and then it seemed to keep improving.

I was taking a couple of suggested supplements and a few other recommended supplements too. I threw a lot at it as I had it for over a year and couldn’t get rid of it no matter what I did. In the end your recommendation did the job!

Thanks for your help!

10 years of suffering over

I’m literally crying tears of joy right now. I’ve been struggling for over 10 years with BV/AV. Thank you so much to the amazing MV team and this group. I am eternally grateful. I originally had around 15 pathogenic bacteria with basically 0 good bacteria. Years of oral probiotics and then boric acid (even 21 days straight) did nothing for me.

I did a combination of My Vagina ingredients every night for a couple/few months. Now, a very healthy vaginal microbiome!

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