Aunt Vadge: vag on fire after using new bubble bath!

Hi Aunt Vadge!!!

I’m on fire, itchy and have discharge after using new bubble bath.

I don’t typically take bubble baths. Now I’m so uncomfortable. What should I do to help? 

Thank you Aunt Vadge!!!

On Fire

Dear On Fire,

Bubble bath products are full of very irritating ingredients. The cheaper the bubble bath, the worse it gets, since bad ingredients are cheap and good and pure ingredients are expensive. If you tolerate the ingredients, great, bubble bath it up, but like you’ve discovered, not all of us are able to enjoy bubble baths.

The most important part of a bubble bath is the bubbles, but the thing that creates bubbles is not your friend.

If your vulva or skin is reactive, delicate skin like the vulva doesn’t stand a chance. If a bit of bubble gets into the opening of your vulva, on the inner side of your labia, it can get pretty hardcore pretty quick, and not in a fun way.

Read our list of ingredients to avoid in the bath or shower, and check your package to see if you’ve stumbled onto a problem that you now know to avoid.

Write anytime!

Aunt Vadge

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