Aunt Vadge: Labia-first into the ocean while water skiing – help!

Hey Aunt Vadge, 

I just did my first water skiing! Was doing well but came down fairly hard – pinched about down there but only just noticed (a few hours later) some blood when I wiped after peeing. Looked with a little Morrie and there’s two thin cuts next to each other – one an inch long, the other half an inch. They’re just inside the inner labia. My concern is that I’m on holiday – so does that mean I shouldn’t go in the sea with an open wound? Can I go in the swimming pool?! It’s also hot and extra sweaty of course so how often should I wash the area?

First Timer
Age: 34
Country/Area: Barbados

Hey First Timer,

Congratulations on your first water skiing! You are, however, not be the first to go fanny first into the drink causing yourself damage.

In terms of going in the water, you should be fine to keep having fun on your holiday. because the cuts are on the inside of your inner labia, your healthy vaginal flora should keep the area clean and healthy. If you want to give that a boost, you can find a refrigerated women’s probiotic and take one or two a day with food until the cut heals. The vagina is like a ferment in the respect that the good bacteria save you from getting infected, as nothing is allowed to grow there besides your normal flora. So don’t use any antiseptics or anything that might damage your good bacteria. Your good bugs are your antiseptic.

The sea is full of salt, which is a natural antibacterial, but the sea can contain a lot of human junk including sewerage. Whether or not that affects the waters in Barbados, I couldn’t say. Swimming pools contain chlorine or salt, for antibacterial purposes, so I wouldn’t worry about it – enjoy your holiday. If you start to feel like something is wrong – if the cuts start to hurt, feel hot, bleed, and feel like they are getting infected, immediately go to the doctor and get some advice. Tropical areas can have critters in the deep, but the chances of one getting through your swimsuit into your closed labia are low.

Just wash yourself normally.

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge


Jessica Lloyd - Naturopathic Practitioner, BHSc(N)

Jessica Lloyd - Naturopathic Practitioner, BHSc(N)

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