A short review of lactobacillus

If you have vagina problems, Lactobacillus bacteria are your new best friends.

Causes of vaginitis or vaginosis

Think you have something? Check this list and see if you could actually be experiencing a different kind of problem.

Telling your girlfriend she has bad vag

There is not a single sadist on earth who thinks bad vag is delicious, least of all your girlfriend. Here's how to talk about it.

BV in pregnancy

BV in pregnancy is bad news for your baby. Find out what to do.

Being diagnosed with BV

If you want to get tested and don't know what to expect, read this and find out what they do to you.

Vaginosis or vaginitis?

Find out the distinct difference between vaginitis and vaginosis.

Trichomonas vaginalis (trich, trichomoniasis)

Trichomonas can cause similar symptoms to bacterial vaginosis (fishy odour, discharge), however trich is a sexually transmitted infection that requires prompt treatment.

Gardnerella vaginalis in BV

Gardnerella vaginalis and its effects on you and your vagina.

What have I got – yeast or BV – symptom checker

This quiz will tell you if you have BV or a yeast infection. If you don't know what to look for, it can be confusing.

Why antibiotics don’t always work on BV

The usual treatment for BV is antibiotics, but they may not remove the bacterial biofilms.

Bacterial vaginosis – why does my vagina smell like fish?

Find out how to clean up the mess left by Gardnerella vaginalis, and resolve your BV once and for all.

Study: BV can be sexually transmitted

BV has been found in male semen and urine samples. It is sexually transmissable between women and men.

The bacterial biofilm in BV

The Gardnerella vaginalis bacterial biofilm is what keeps your BV sticking around. Learn how to dissolve it.

Black women and BV

Black women get BV more than other women because they have less naturally-occurring lactobacilli than other ethnic groups.

Why BV leaves you wide open for STIs

Fact of life: those with BV get more STIs.

Douching with BV, AV and yeast infections

The more you douche, the more likely you are to have BV and other microbiome problems.