Aunt Vadge: recurrent BV since I was 12

Learn how to manage and eliminate BV symptoms through dietary changes, homemade kefir, and targeted pre and probiotics, providing a multifaceted approach to restore vaginal and gut health.

Aunt Vadge: Gardnerella UTI, but NP says it’s BV – help!

A perimenopausal woman is struggling with urinary tract symptoms, but an NP says it's BV. Aunt Vadge weighs in.

Aunt Vadge: New guy into CDC, but won’t stop when I tell him to

Understand the serious implications of non-consent in relationships and how to address them effectively.

Aunt Vadge: vaginal fungal infection but can’t use Diflucan

Learn how to treat vaginal fungal infections with gentle, effective herbal remedies suitable for delicate health conditions where drug antifungals are not a good option.

Clitorodynia – clitoral pain disorder

Clitorodynia, a form of severe clitoral pain, can arise from various causes such as keratin pearls or nerve impingements.

Understanding vaginal tastes (the good and the bad)

Understanding the nuances of vaginal taste can significantly affect sexual health and enjoyment. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of how different elements like diet, hygiene, and natural body secretions impact taste, and offers actionable advice on how to manage and enhance these factors for a better intimate experience.

Understanding leuprolide GnRH endometriosis treatment on your vagina

Leuprolide offers a strategic approach to managing symptoms of endometriosis and uterine fibroids through its ability to suppress estrogen production. By exploring the mechanisms, effectiveness, and patient experiences of Leuprolide treatments, this article sheds light on its crucial role in contemporary gynecological therapy practices.

Aunt Vadge: is my wife cheating on me?

Aunt Vadge addresses a concerned husband's query about his wife's labial tear, dissecting the possible non-sexual causes while acknowledging the underlying fears of infidelity. This response aims to illuminate the broader spectrum of reasons behind such physical occurrences, offering reassurance and guiding towards open, trust-building dialogue.

Understanding and treating keratin pearls

Keratin pearls, tiny irritants formed by keratin and squamous cells, can cause significant clitoral pain.

Aunt Vadge: I’m nearly postmenopausal and my vagina hurts – what’s happening?

Navigating the challenges of perimenopause and menopause, many women experience uncomfortable changes, including painful sex due to decreasing estrogen levels. Aunt Vadge offers compassionate, expert advice on using holistic methods to alleviate discomfort and improve sexual health. Discover how phytoestrogen-rich foods, Fennelope with fennel oil, and Femular Forte can naturally support your body's estrogen levels, rejuvenate vaginal tissues, and restore pleasure to intimacy. If you're seeking tailored advice, Aunt Vadge's team, including a specialized naturopath, is ready to provide personalized solutions. Embrace a journey toward comfortable, fulfilling sexual health with expert guidance and proven natural remedies.

Aunt Vadge: I masturbated today and there was blood on my fingers – why?

Concerned about unexpected bleeding after masturbation? You're not alone. While it can be alarming, there are several benign reasons why this might happen, especially post-period. Whether it's residual menstrual blood, cervical changes, or simple friction, understanding the cause can ease your worries. However, if the issue persists, it's crucial to consult with a healthcare professional. Dive into our detailed exploration to shed light on this common concern and learn when it's time to seek medical advice. Stay informed and take charge of your reproductive health with confidence.

What happens to your body and brain when you orgasm

Embark on a fascinating journey through the hidden world of orgasms, where science meets sensuality. Unveil the secrets of your brain's response to sexual pleasure, illuminated by cutting-edge imaging technologies. Explore how the dance of neurotransmitters like dopamine and oxytocin intertwine to amplify your experience, offering a deeper understanding of the pleasure peaks. From the cerebral ballet during passion to the post-climax serenity, gain insights into how these intimate moments impact not just your body, but your emotional and mental well-being. This exploration is not just about biology; it's a celebration of the intricate interplay between mind, body, and emotion, offering a holistic view of your sexual well-being.

How does Ramadan affect the vaginal microbiome? Let’s find out!

Discover the unique intersection of faith and health in Isala's groundbreaking Rufaida study, named after the esteemed Rufaida al Aslamia. This pioneering research in Belgium invites Muslim women to explore how Ramadan's fasting rituals influence their dietary patterns, mental well-being, and overall health, including the vaginal microbiome. By participating, you contribute to a deeper understanding of how spiritual practices resonate with physical health. Delve into this fascinating study, contribute to impactful research, and gain insights into your health during the holy month of Ramadan. If you're a Dutch-speaking woman residing in Flanders and keen on uncovering how this significant period affects various health aspects, join this insightful journey with Isala.

Unlocking the mystery of menopause: the adrenal glands

Explore the pivotal role of adrenal glands in easing menopause symptoms with My Vagina. This article sheds light on how stress exacerbates common menopausal challenges and illustrates the benefits of adrenal support through bespoke herbal tonics and strategic lifestyle adjustments. Embrace a holistic approach to menopause management with yoga, meditation, and tailored herbal remedies, ensuring a smoother, more comfortable transition. Join My Vagina in embracing a natural pathway to menopause relief, empowering your journey with expert guidance and effective solutions.

Aunt Vadge: I’m pregnant and struggling with BV and UTIs

Deeply Suffering, facing challenges with BV, UTIs, and yeast at 26 weeks pregnant, seeks advice from Aunt Vadge. She experiences discomfort, low energy, and stress. The response empathizes and suggests detailed support for potential nutrient deficiencies and microbiome imbalances, highlighting the predominance of L. iners in her vaginal swab tests. Treatment options during pregnancy are discussed, with an emphasis on safe, supportive methods like lactulose with probiotics and stress on nutrient intake. It's recommended to consult with a GP, obstetrician, or My Vagina's naturopaths for personalized care, and to explore probiotic strains and fermented foods that are safe for pregnant individuals.

PCOS, BV and the vaginal microbiome

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is closely linked with changes in the vaginal microbiome, showing a higher incidence of bacterial vaginosis (BV) and microbial imbalances compared to those without PCOS.