Allen-Masters syndrome

Allen-Masters syndrome is a condition characterised by ongoing pelvic pain, painful sex (dyspareunia) and menstrual irregularities and disturbances. Allen-Masters syndrome is caused by lacerations of the broad ligament in the pelvis, typically acquired during childbirth. Damage to these muscles/ligaments enables the cervix and/or uterus to move abnormally.

     Allen-Masters windows/peritoneal pockets
An Allen-Masters window, also known as peritoneal pocket, is a pocket or fold in the peritoneum – the thin membrane that lines the abdominal cavity. Pockets can trap endometrial cells that make their way into the peritoneal cavity during menstruation/grow there. Peritoneal pockets are associated with endometriosis when the endometrial cells attach to the peritoneum, causing pain and bleeding every cycle.