Aunt Vadge: recurrent BV since I was 12

Hi Aunt Vadge,

After my first period (age 12), I started to get some episodes where my vagina smelt like fish (very strong, others in a room can smell it easily) after eating something sweet, but it was gone fast.

With the years bacterial vaginosis symptoms have become more and more common… sometimes when I eat sweets I start to smell like fish very strongly, but from August 2023 more and more almost each month, sometimes not even eating sweets I got the smell.

Now I have a permanent weird smell with yellow discharge and get the fish smell very easily… sometimes after eating sweets, sometimes hours after having sex, even sometimes when it’s hot…

At the moment I have just tried Fluomizin and lots of oral probiotics, in the last week I have inserted two oral probiotic pills in my vagina (Physioflor L. Crispatus).

I don’t know, I think it got worse from August after stress, constipation and I’m still bad from that time… I think my bowels have some kind of problem or some kind of food intolerance, I don’t know what to do.

Kind regards,

Age 28, Spain


Hi Fishy,

It sounds like you’ve had issues for quite a long time, and therefore, the solution might take a little more creative thinking and a multifaceted approach. 

First, download and read Killing BV. That will help you understand more about what is happening to you.

BV treatment recommendations

Improve your gut microbiome by making your own homemade milk kefir. Look online for ‘1 tablespoon of fresh milk kefir grains’. They should cost about 10-20 euros. Do not buy dried grains or store-bought premade milk kefir.

Here are instructions for making your own milk kefir at home. (It’s easy, don’t worry.)

This should help with easing digestive symptoms and improving your gut microbiome, which may, in turn, support a healthier vaginal microbiome. Start with one full shot glass, and work your way up to a cup daily. 

This gut microbiome management may also help reduce the susceptibility to sweets you seem to be experiencing. In this respect, it is important to eat really well, so plenty of fresh, unprocessed foods. Eat low glycaemic index (GI) foods regularly to manage blood sugar.

If necessary, do an elimination diet to determine your intolerances. If you’re unsure how to go about this, please find a practitioner who can guide you.

Use the Lactulose and Probiotic Kit as instructed. 

Take an activated B complex multivitamin. This may help with the BV, anxiety and fatigue.

Between treatments, keep an eye on your vaginal pH with pH strips. Here are instructions on how to test your vaginal pH at home

If you’re not getting the results you’re after in 6-8 weeks, I’d strongly recommend booking with a practitioner who can work out what’s causing recurrence despite good treatments. 

Fluomizin is a good treatment, but it’s not the only one, and you may find that with the lactulose and probiotic, you can manage symptoms much better, because you’re rebuilding your healthy vaginal flora, rather than just using an antimicrobial, which is what Fluomizin does. 

We’ve had people just like you, with BV for 20+ years, who have cleared their BV for good using this treatment, so it can be done, but the secret sauce for your case may be different, we’ll just have to try and see.

Order supplies here. 

Aunt Vadge


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