Aunt Vadge: Gardnerella UTI, but NP says it’s BV – help!

A cute lil Gardnerella vaginalis stands in the bladder in a puddle of yellow pee looking cool wearing sunglasses - he's where he's not meant to be and feeling smug.

Hi Aunt Vadge,

I am perimenopausal, with symptoms, but I’ve also got urinary tract symptoms that are bothering me. I’ve been PCR tested for bacteria in the bladder and vgina, and my bladder test came back positive for Gardnerella.

However, the nurse practitioner said this was contamination from my vagina, and that actually I have bacterial vaginosis.

I have no vaginal symptoms, and a vaginal BV test came back negative, twice. I think I have Gardnerella in my bladder, but I am not being given treatment because they’re saying I have BV. It’s so frustrating!


Feeling Ignored


Dear Feeling Ignored,

I can appreciate how you feel! That sounds frustrating indeed.

It really does sound like you’ve got a bladder/urinary tract issue, and not a vaginal issue, and your tests back that up as far as I’m concerned.

There is some ole skool thinking in terms of what is and isn’t ‘allowed’ to live in the vagina or bladder and what’s ‘contamination’ from the vagina. Remembering, it wasn’t that long ago that the bladder and uterus were both thought to be sterile​1,2​.

Every other bacteria found in the vagina can sometimes also be found in the bladder, so why not Gardnerella! There are many studies​3–10​ showing Gardnerella vaginalis can be a urinary tract pathogen; in fact we’ve known this since the 1980s.

Treatment suggestions

Book with vulvovaginal specialist naturopath Simone Jeffries to manage your UTI symptoms AND the perimenopause symptoms. Simone is an expert practitioner with UTI and perimenopause, so you’re in the very best hands for holistic care.

While you wait for your appointment with Simone, or if an appointment is not possible, use Aunt Vadge’s Oral UTI Blends.

Do the first week of treatment with 7.5ml of each twice daily with a little water, and then use the other half only as needed for acute symptoms.

The UTI blends should deal with the urinary tract infection symptoms, while any underlying factors are addressed with Simone. 

Feel better soon!

Warm regards,
Aunt Vadge


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