Aunt Vadge: recurrent GBS vaginitis – help!

Looking a little bit mean but also cute, a collection of group B strep bacteria stare back at us from the mirror.

Hi Aunt Vadge,

I had a group Strep B vaginitis infection and 1 year later have it again. Please help. It’s absolutely terrible.

On amoxcillin for 3 days with some relief but still itching, burning better but still not great. My pH was 7 which is very high. Still have 4 more days on amoxicillin but so worried this is going to linger.

Trying to get my dr. to put my husband on penicillin.

Can you help?



Hi Kim,

The AV blend is probably the best choice for you, but you can also use the Double Whammy, because group B strep doesn’t utilise lactulose as an energy source, so the warnings about using lactulose with AV don’t apply to you (if it’s just GBS). (Read more about which bacteria utilise lactulose as an energy source.)

In that sense, the Double Whammy will help promote the growth of healthy vaginal flora and work to neutralise the strep. You can also use the AV oral blend, which would also work well for your husband. I’d recommend the Penis Balm for your husband, alongside the AV oral blend. The two together work on GBS.

You could share a bottle of the AV oral blend (100ml each) for one week, and you do the Double Whammy vaginal pessary and your husband does the Penis Balm, for a one week treatment each and see where that leaves you.

I’d also recommend a jar of the Life-Space Women’s Microflora Probiotic, you and your husband orally and you vaginally during the day for the week treatment. One jar will be plenty. Finish the jar off orally or save it for vaginal use later. 

You can also try a clove of freshly cut garlic – there is evidence​1​ that this can help resolve GBS!

If you are still experiencing symptoms in 3-4 weeks, or if it recurs again, I’d highly recommend you book in with one of our specialist vulvovaginal practitioners to help you work out what’s going on and how to prevent it from happening again.

There can be many underlying factors with recurrent infections, particularly problematic GBS vaginitis​2​, and most of them have absolutely nothing to do with your vagina, which is where our specialist naturopaths can step in and assess you with a broader eye and provide personalised treatments.

If you have any questions, let me know!

Warm regards,
Aunt Vadge


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