Aunt Vadge: itchy spot on clitoris only relieved by moisturising cream

Hi Aunt Vadge, 

I’ve had a single spot with irritation on my inner labia closer to the clitoris that has been very itchy on and off for some time. We (doctor and I) have tried yeast remedies prescription and natural, but they don’t bring any relief, which we didn’t really think it was a yeast infection but tried that just in case. What I have noticed is just a moisturizing cream can bring temporary relief. However, it’s been going on since after my second child’s birth a year and a half ago and would love to have a more permanent fix if there is one. It is very sensitive and delicate and sometimes tears.

Age: 31
Country/Area: US


Dear Itchy,

Have you and your doctor considered looking into something like lichen sclerosus or another lichenoid condition? It’s not the most enticing condition to have, but your symptoms may indicate the start of something like that. Dry skin and the itch that comes with it tend to characterise LS.

Take a look and talk it over with your doctor. You may need to get labs done as a confirmation of diagnosis, because it’s not always very easy to diagnose, but it’s worth looking into.

It might also pay to go and see a dermatologist who specialises in vulvovaginal dermatology – they tend to have a broader and deeper understanding of vulvar skin conditions, unlike your GP or even a gynaecologist. Vulvar specialists are the people you want when dealing with the vulva specifically, since almost all other doctors have no specialised vulvar training and aren’t really sure what they are looking at.

Write anytime.

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge


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