Aunt Vadge: micro-trauma to the clitoris after exercise that won’t go away

Dear Aunt Vadge, 

Some weeks ago, after an intense session of HIIT (High Intensity Training – Fitness) I noticed my clitoris hurt. When I looked at it, I saw what it looked like a small bruise (less than 5mm x 2mm, approximately, like a line). I went to an ob-gyn and she told me I had a micro-trauma of the clitoris, probably due to that intense sport practice.

However, it’s been six weeks since I visited the ob-gyn and, even if I THINK is has diminished a little, it’s still there, right under the clitorial hood.

Should I be concerned? How long does this kind of micro-traumas take to heal? I am using a special soap to use in my daily shower (recommended by my gym) and a cream to accelerate healing. It doesn’t hurt anymore, and it’s not itchy. Should I visit my doctor again?

Thanks a lot. 
Age: 26
Country/Area: Portugal

Dear Fit,

Six weeks is too long for a regular cut to take to heal – it should be long gone – and for that reason, I would suggest revisiting your doctor to be examined more thoroughly. As you know on any other area of your body, your skin heals pretty fast.

A small cut or trauma to the delicate flesh around your vulva can trigger off immune responses that result in other conditions popping out of the woodwork that were laying in wait, or alternatively, you may be taking a long time to heal for other reasons. You need to talk this over with your doctor to make sure all bases are covered, and to discuss any other seemingly-unrelated symptoms you may be experiencing.

So yes, you should visit your doctor again.

Keep detailed notes about what’s happened since you were there last time, including any changes you made around the time this first occurred, to diet, exercise, living environment, laundry detergent. There may be other clues that need to be revealed to show a longer-term trajectory, rather than a single incident.

Damage from exercise is not unheard of – it could happen to any of us – but it does seem a bit unusual to have occurred without you knowing about it. If you were checked out by your doctor, minor cuts and tears can be encouraged to heal well with a vulva and vagina-friendly cuts cream.

Write anytime!

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge  

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