Candida tropicalis

Candida tropicalis is one of the most common non-Candida albicans yeasts, and is a major cause of candidiasis in those who have lowered immunity. Globally, we’ve seen a huge jump in C. tropicalis infections, with antifungal resistance a huge problem. C. tropicalis is resistant to fluconazole, limiting treatment options.

Mucous membranes are affected by C. tropicalis, including the vagina.

     Symptoms of C. tropicalis

  • Similar or the same as other yeast infections
  • Itch
  • Burning
  • Pain after sex
  • Stinging

     Treatment of C. tropicalis

Treatment will depend on which antifungals the yeast proves sensitive to, but the first treatment you may be given is fluconazole, which this yeast is often resistant to.


Posted on Last updated :April 23, 2018