Vaginitis emphysematosa

This rare condition appears as gas-filled cysts on vaginal, vulvar or cervical mucosal surfaces, and can cause symptoms.

Vulvar endometriomas

Vulvar or vaginal endometriomas are painful cysts that occur due to endometriosis.

Cystic teratomas and dermoid cysts – ovarian

A dermoid cyst is a growth in the ovary that contains hair, teeth, bone, and other tissue. A dermoid cyst is not a pregnancy, but a tumour.

Benign ovarian masses

Benign ovarian masses can include non-cancerous tumours or cysts, with most coming and going without symptoms. A benign mass could mean a cyst that develops during or after ovulation, or a tumour that appears out of embryonic tissue.

Vaginal mullerian cysts

Mullerian cysts are caused either by an anatomical hiccup or appear after trauma to the vagina, such as might occur during childbirth. Mullerian cysts are benign, but can range in size from very small to extremely large and uncomfortable.

Marsupialisation of a Bartholin (vestibular) gland cyst

This surgery involves cutting open a Bartholin's duct cyst, and suturing the walls to allow draining.

Marsupialisation of a vaginal cyst

Marsupialisation is a surgical technique whereby a slit is cut into an cyst and the edges are sewn onto other skin to keep it open.

Nabothian cysts

Nabothian cysts are considered to be benign and normal for the most part, and do not require any treatment. Nabothian cysts appear on the surface of the cervix.

Bartholin gland cysts and abcesses

What to do with the cysts, blockages and abscesses in the tiny ducts that make you wet.