Benign Ovarian Masses

A benign ovarian mass includes functional cysts and tumours. Most do not produce symptoms.

Functional cysts
Functional cysts are found mostly in fertile-age women and resolve over days or weeks. They are less than 5cm in diameter.

  1. Follicular cysts – cysts that develop from graafian follicles
  2. Corpus luteum cysts – cysts that develop from the corpus luteum

Ovarian cysts
Ovarian cysts are most commonly associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and is a clinical syndrome, not just defined by ovarian cysts.

 Benign ovarian tumours
These tumours are typically slow-growing and rarely malignant.

  1. Benign cystic teratomas, dermoid cysts – consist mostly of ectodermal tissue
  2. Fibromas – slow-growing tumours under 7cm diameter
  3. Cystadenomas – serous or mucinous cysts