Marsupialisation of a vaginal cyst

Marsupialisation is a surgical technique whereby a slit is cut into an cyst (or abscess), and the edges are sewn onto other skin, so the cyst is spread open. This way, the cyst can drain freely, and doesn’t regrow or cause blockages or growths.

If a cyst or abscess is at risk of regrowing, removing the whole structure is not going to get the best results for the patient, or a once-off draining would not be effective, marsupialisation may be recommended.

The types of cysts that this technique is most often used on are pancreatic cysts, pilonidal cysts and Bartholin’s cysts. It can also be used on Gartner’s duct cysts.

If this technique is performed on a dermoid cysts (a teratoma) or another type of tumour, the risk of recurrence and cancer is much increased, so proper diagnosis is critical.

Marsupialisation of a Bartholin duct cyst

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