BV + partners study – join a study today! (AUSTRALIA ONLY) 2023

Finally some more research into how sexual partners impact BV hanging around and what to do about it! You can be part of this study if you enrol soon. Be part of science!

The cool cats at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre (MSHC) are studying the impacts of partner therapy and bacterial vaginosis (BV) recurrence.

There are two studies: one for hetero couples where the female has BV (STEP UP) and one for same-sex or gender-diverse couples where one person has BV (PACT).

How to enrol in STEP UP (hetero couples, Melbourne, VIC only)

Check out the STEP UP website and arrange a time to go and sign up at the Carlton, Victoria, sexual health clinic.

How to enrol in PACT (same-sex, gender-diverse couples, Australia-wide)

To sign up for PACT, you can be anywhere in Australia. Reach out to MSHC and they’ll send you a screening pack. This pack contains a reply paid envelope to return your samples.

One individual must be diagnosed with BV before the couple is eligible for enrolment, but once you’re eligible (a visit to a doctor for diagnosis), enrolment can be done over the phone and everything done by mail.

Am I eligible?

To be part of this groundbreaking study, you need to be:

  • Both aged 18+
  • Pre-menopausal
  • Speak and read sufficient English to enable informed consent
  • Be in a monogamous relationship with the person in the study with you
  • Not currently engaging in sex work 

Check the eligibility criteria on each of the websites and if you’re not sure if you qualify, contact MSHC and talk it over. You can call them on (03) 9341 6244 or freecall 1800 032 017.

When does the study close?

At 6 July 2023, no date has been provided as to when intakes close for this study. These are ethically approved clinical trials run by investigators at Monash University and Alfred Health.

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