Cervical hypoplasia

Cervical hypoplasia is an anatomical abnormality whereby the cervix is smaller than normal.

Cervical hypoplasia is the result of improper development of the reproductive tract in the womb, and may be seen with an abnormal or absent vagina (vaginal hypoplasia or vaginal agenesis).​1​ We’re not sure why it happens.

Symptoms of cervical hypoplasia

  • Absent menstrual cycles (primary amenorrhoea)
  • Abdominal pain caused by blood building up in the uterus

Diagnosis of cervical hypoplasia

Diagnosis is typically performed when a girl doesn’t get her first period (primary amenorrhoea), which may provide cause for further investigations.

A pelvic examination will be conducted, with other tests including blood tests, ultrasounds, and maybe an MRI.

Outcomes for cervical hypoplasia

A malformed cervix may mean other abnormalities are present, but it could also mean nothing much – just an anomaly.

You will need to determine the extent of the abnormality you face with your doctor, since it could impact on your ability to expel menstrual fluid, get pregnant, or give birth.


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