How can I tell if I am menopausal?

It can be reasonably straightforward to figure out if you're heading into menopause, with some tests available too.

The Vaginal Maturation Index

The VMI is a test for ratios of certain vaginal cell types to indicate the impact of oestrogen.

Sexual arousal disorders

We run through briefly what sexual arousal disorder is and how it manifests.

Pelvic radiation therapy

Having radiation therapy on your pelvis can cause some unwelcome problems that can linger, like a dry, thickened vaginal wall, lack of moisture, and lack of flexibility.

Understanding and using phyto-oestrogens in food

Using plants to mimic oestrogen is a legitimate way to either increase or decrease effect across the body - in the right circumstances.

Vaginal prolapse, pelvic organ prolapse and vaginal/pelvic relaxation syndromes

The prolapse of pelvic organs into the vagina can occur for several reasons, with treatment available.

Hormones in perimenopause and menopause

We run you through the hormonal changes that occur as you enter into perimenopause and then menopause.

Atrophic vaginitis (now part of Genitourinary Symptoms of Menopause GSM)

Atrophic vaginitis is caused by low oestrogen levels, since vaginal cells rely heavily on oestrogen to stay plump and juicy. Without oestrogen, our vulvar and vaginal cells can really suffer, becoming dry, easily broken, and irritated.

How to make fennel vaginal pessaries

Make your own fennel pessaries at home inexpensively and easily. No special equipment required!

Treatments for lax vaginal, pelvic or urinary tissue – ‘non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation’

If you have a loose vag or stress urinary incontinence, or know someone who does, there are now noninvasive (nonsurgical) ways to treat these issues from the cells up.

Study: How early life circumstances affect menarche and menopause

We examine a review of how childhood experiences impact menarche and menopause.

Cervical stenosis

Cervical stenosis is the narrowing - for whatever reason - of the cervix, the neck of tissue that joins the vagina and uterus. A narrow cervix can create a few issues with in-and-out flow between the uterus and the vagina, including sperm, periods and babies.

Study: Long-term overweight at greater risk of endometrial cancer postmenopause

A study looks at how long women were overweight or obese for, and their risk of certain cancers.

Oral pilocarpine can moisten a dry vagina

A study shows that oral pilocarpine can offer those on chemotherapy relief from vaginal dryness with mild side effects.

Study: regular exercise lowers oestrogen levels in postmenopausal women

Postmenopausal women were studied to see if exercise reduced oestrogen levels, and thus breast cancer risks.