G-spot and clitoris augmentation and amplification

The g-spot and the clitoris have come under the microscope of those using dermal fillers and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) for enhancing sexual pleasure in women – a nice first.

G-spot alterations

G-spot alterations include fat grafting and fillers like hyaluronic acid applied to the top wall of the vagina in the area thought to house the g-spot.

This area appears to be the underside of clitoral structures. The point is to increase the size of the g-spot, and therefore sexual pleasure. This treatment works by applying pressure onto the clitoral structures. There isn’t a lot of information about the outcomes of this, and there is the risk of complications.

Clitoral injections

Clitoral injections are now being used to increase the tissue of the clitoris and area around the Skene’s glands (responsible for female ejaculation), in the O-Shot. This procedure is a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection.

The shot uses only your own tissue – your blood – so the risk of allergic reactions or other complications drops significantly. PRP has been used for many medical purposes with great results for many years, and it is thought to be safe and effective in those other areas, using stem cells.

These stem cells increase blood flow, tissue growth, and tissue regeneration, including nervous system tissues. This regeneration and expansion increase sexual responsiveness. There isn’t much data on it, but in the main pilot study, women saw improvements in desire, arousal, lubrication and orgasm.

There were no statistically significant improvements in satisfaction and pain. Apparently, they loved it.

Side effects of PRP injections

Two ladies ended up with extreme sexual arousal after their shots, which meant they were sexually aroused while peeing, had ejaculatory orgasms, were continuously aroused and had spontaneous orgasms.

This result was mostly found in younger women who had the least dysfunction, and these side-effects resolved. No other unfavourable side-effects were reported.

Reported results

  • More and better clitoral stimulation
  • Vulvar (labial) tissue smoothed out
  • The vaginal opening (introitus) tightened
  • Stronger orgasms
  • Orgasms more frequently
  • Sex drive lift-off
  • ‘Vaginal’ orgasms
  • Less pain for those with pain conditions
  • More natural lubrication
  • Reductions in urinary incontinence

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Jessica Lloyd - Vulvovaginal Specialist Naturopathic Practitioner, BHSc(N)

Jessica is a degree-qualified naturopath (BHSc) specialising in vulvovaginal health and disease, based in Melbourne, Australia.

Jessica is the owner and lead naturopath of My Vagina, and is a member of the:

  • International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal Disease (ISSVD)
  • International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health (ISSWSH)
  • National Vulvodynia Association (NVA) Australia
  • New Zealand Vulvovaginal Society (ANZVS)
  • Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)