How to use the Calendula Pessary Blend – vagina

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The Calendula pessary treatment is usually used alone, but can be used with the Four-pronged Approach as the antimicrobial, using one pessary while you sleep each night. You can use another treatment during the day if you want, but remember it will leak out so dress accordingly.

The Calendula pessary has just three ingredients: jojoba oil, calendula extract and organic cocoa butter oil. The pessary blend is soothing and calming to vaginal mucosa.

Use for dryness, irritation, soreness, and other uncomfortable vaginal symptoms.

Safety first, kids!

Don’t use the Calendula Pessary if you are allergic to any of the oils.

What you’ll need

Dose and treatment schedule

Filling the pessary moulds

Heat the bottle of pessary mixture gently. Do not boil or microwave. Sit bottle in hot water until all ingredients are fully melted.

Using the pipette, fill the pessary moulds. Keeping the pessaries in an upright position, put them into the fridge for 20-30 minutes until the pessaries solidify through.

Store unused pessaries in the fridge or freezer in an airtight container wrapped in a paper towel, slightly separated from one another to avoid conjoined pessaries.

Using the treatment

Pop the pessary out of the silicone mould by pushing on the bottom and squeezing.

Insert the pessary deep vaginally each night before bed. Oil may leak a little, so dress accordingly. It shouldn’t stain, but don’t take any chances with fine underwear!

If you want to use a glove or another applicator, feel free, but a clean dry finger should be fine.

You can rub the oil over other areas if you have symptoms, including around the perineum and anal area. Any skin or tissue surface can benefit.

The oil will slowly come out of your vagina if you use it during waking hours, and may smell delicious to passerbyers, so we suggest using the treatment while you sleep. But, if you want to use in the daytime instead/as well, go for it.

If you are treating a yeast infection, only use the oil until symptoms abate.

You can use the Calendula Pessary treatment at the same time as, but opposite ends, of the day to the lactulose, lactoferrin and probiotic treatment, but it’s great by itself as well.

Sex with the Calendula Pessary

You can have sex with Calendula in, but as always, avoid semen in vaginas during treatments.

Do not use latex condoms with this oil-based pessary, as oil degrades latex.

Storage of oils

The pessary mixture is stable at room temperature but store in a cool dry place and avoid sunlight or undue heat sources.

Getting help

Remember if you have questions or are confused, we are here for you with free basic email support or join our online Facebook support group.

We know that you’ve been suffering from a broken medical system that doesn’t always support you well, and we don’t want you to have the same experience with My Vagina.

If you have a complex medical history, make an appointment with one of our specialist naturopaths.

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