Jewellery, tattoos, vajazzling and muff stylin’

Piercing your labia

Adorning your vulva with art, jewellery or a fancy hair-do is not new, but the extremes we can now go to with less expense and effort are wondrous.


You can get your clitoral hood pierced, or your actual clitoris pierced, and less commonly, your inner and/or outer labia. Only use a respected, experienced piercer, since you really don’t want that to go badly. Things that can go wrong include infection and nerve pain that never goes away.Spectacular Muff

Disfigurement can also occur, particularly if the piercing healed oddly. Follow your piercer’s after-care instructions strictly and don’t do anything stupid like have an orgy the day after.


Tattoos on your vulva and vaginaTattoos are most often done around the vulva, but can
be done on the labia – there is no reason why not besides the obvious. Again, make sure your artist is very hygienic and competent, and even better, has done it before lots of times. You don’t want a beginner tattooing your labia.


Vajazzling is the brightening up of the shaved pubic area with stick-on jewels and gems. Usually the vulva is left out of it, but it can include any part you fancy.

Muff hairstyles

This is probably the most common way women ‘jazz’ up their vulvar and pubic region. We are all just a razor blade away from a new style every week.