Aunt Vadge: we had sex with a condom but my period is late – am I pregnant?

Hi Aunt Vadge,

Am I pregnant? I had sex with my boyfriend about three weeks ago, we used a condom and he didn’t ejaculate, however my period is late.

I don’t think there was any precum and the sex didn’t feel good for him. This was both of our first times having sex, although we have fooled around before. However, my period is almost a week late and it’s usually always on time, except last month it was about five days earlier than expected.

I’m worried I might now be pregnant, but I’m only 15! I’m really scared, stressed and anxious about this!

Am I pregnant?

Age: 15
Country: Ireland

Dear Late,

The only way you could be pregnant is if your boyfriend somehow got precum – which was fertile – on the outside of the condom, which then went inside of your vagina, while you were ovulating.

Meaning, it is extremely unlikely and would be really bad luck if you were pregnant. Like, really bad luck. If you aren’t prone to luck that bad, you can probably relax.

Your period can be late for lots of reasons, so don’t worry – just see what happens. You could, if you wanted, take a pregnancy test right now and it would be correct, so if you want to soothe your nerves and worry about something else more important, buy a cheap test and do it today. They are pretty accurate.

You want to start learning about when you ovulate, so the million times in your life that you’ll worry that you are pregnant (and I’m sure there will be many!), you can figure out if it was even physically possible. This will help you figure out when you are fertile, but importantly, when you are not.

Once you start noticing your ovulation, you’ll love it! It’s really fun.

So, just to reiterate – you are almost certainly not pregnant. Stop worrying! Condoms work better than almost any other birth control when used properly. You’ve done good. Now it’s just about learning why your period can be late, which is almost always because you ovulated late. You can ovulate late for lots of reasons, and most of them are perfectly normal and not a cause for concern.

If you’ve been travelling, on holiday, having a time of greater stress, these can all cause ovulation to be delayed – sort of like your body saying “don’t get pregnant just yet! I’m busy!”. When you ovulate late, you always get your period late – it’s just how it works. You ovulate, then about two weeks later, you get your period, like clockwork.

That’s why if you can figure out when you ovulate, you will be able to tell when you will get your period. Start using a period tracker app, and see how much your cycles vary, record your symptoms, and soon a pattern will emerge.

Write anytime! We are here to help.

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge