Skenitis (infection of the Skene’s glands)

The Skene’s glands (female prostate glands and ducts) can become infected and inflamed, resulting in Skenitis. Skene's Gland Diagram


  • A suspected urinary tract infection that is not cured by antibiotics
  • Urethral or urethral-vaginal septum pain
  • Local tenderness to touch (tight clothing, tampon use, touch, sex)
  • Dyspareunia (painful sex)
  • Pus that can be expressed out by squeezing the urethra
  • Red, inflamed mass at the Skene’s gland site


Skenitis is usually treated medically with a long dose of strong antibiotics – 4-6 weeks is typical. Antibiotic doses must reach the glands to be effective, which takes time. Other measures to help heal are warm, moist compresses and sitz baths. If the Skenitis is severe, surgery may be considered.