Aunt Vadge: small, red, tender lump near clitoris

Hello Aunt Vadge,

Hope you’re okay. The last time I had sex was one year ago and I never did anything sexual since then.

For the first time today, I realised I had a small red lump near my clitoris and it’s a little tender. (Photo sent)

I’m a bit worried and not sure what this is?

Thank you,
Age: 18
Country: United Kingdom


Dear D,

It looks like you have a pimple or an ingrown hair, which happen from time to time. Either way, they can be very uncomfortable!

But, no matter what, pimples and ingrown hairs are simple to get rid of once the pimple bursts/the ingrown hair pops out of the surface. You want to avoid any possibility for infection, so whatever you do to resolve the problem, make sure you do it hygienically.

It doesn’t seem like a sexually transmitted disease or another issue beyond a simple blockage of a pore with either a hair/dead skin cells/sebum.

You could try, with a sterilised pin (use alcohol or another antiseptic to clean the needle first) to gently pick the top off the surface. You may have a hard time seeing if it’s an ingrown hair, because it’s hard to see that area of your body without being a yoga guru! The area in the picture generally isn’t too hairy, so it may be more likely to be a pimple.

If it’s an ingrown hair, you’ll need to let the top of the hair escape. If it’s a pimple, you will want the trapped dead skin cells and sebum to be set free, and wipe it off with a clean, damp cloth.

Once whatever is trapped inside is allowed out, you should find the pain and tenderness diminish, and your skin will heal up.

Basically nothing to worry about, but I do understand it must really hurt and be a little scary. You’ll be fine!

Aunt Vadge