Study: Treating cervical infections and dysplasia with high-dose vitamin D

Researchers looked into vitamin D and its impact on recurrent cervical infections and in those with cervix dysplasia (pre-cancerous cell changes to the cervix).

Two hundred biological females took part in the study, using 12,500IU vitamin D vaginally three nights a week for six weeks, after initial standard treatment for infections.

Results of the study

  • High dose vitamin D, when compared to lactobacillus vaginal suppositories, may be more effective.
  • High-dose vitamin D was very anti-inflammatory
  • After six weeks, 79 per cent of participants had ‘less vaginal problems’, ‘less discharge’ and ‘less problems with sexual intercourse’.
  • Seven per cent still had bacterial or fungal vaginal infections that required treatment.
  • Vitamin D is absorbed by the vaginal mucosa, but reabsorption may be individually very different.
  • The CIN1 group showed less abnormal cell development.
  • The CIN2 group had no or only temporary abnormal cell development.
  • More research is required with more data and longer follow-up.
  • It is unclear whether this treatment is safe during pregnancy so contraception during treatment is advised.


C Schulte-Uebbing, S Schlett, ID Craiut, L Antal & H Olah (2014) Chronical cervical infections and dysplasia (CIN I, CIN II): Vaginal vitamin D (high dose) treatment, Dermato-Endocrinology, 6:1, DOI: 10.4161/derm.27791

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