Aunt Vadge: Pain with sex and peeing after a UTI

Dear Aunt Vadge, 

I have discomfort when peeing and internal pain after sex, all STI’s and cysts are out ruled. This started about a year a go, (after a really bad UTI) I used to have normal sex and ejaculated regularly now there’s pain and not much lubricant. 

Please help, it is getting me down. 

Thank you. 
Age: 21
Country: United Kingdom

Dear Sore,

It sounds like perhaps you have scar tissue or continued inflammation from your UTI, which needs to be further investigated by a specialist – if you have damaged internal structures that continue to give you pain a full year after your severe infection, you need more diagnostics.

Things I would look into with your doctor are specific tests for finding inflammation or scar tissue – you mention you have had STIs and cysts ruled out, but there is something in there causing you pain, and it needs to be found. Don’t let your doctor fob you off, and if they won’t take your pain seriously, find another doctor.

I would suggest starting with a gynaecologist, who deals with vaginas and the lower genitourinary tract all the time, and will have more immediate understanding of what could be causing your pain.

Once you have started this process (if you can get a clear diagnosis, you should get it), other forms of adjunct treatment I would recommend are acupuncture, reflexology, and even osteopathy, just to check that all of your internal structures are where they are supposed to be. If nobody can find a root cause of your pain, you’ll need to find alternatives. I realise that cost can be a factor here, which means selecting your practitioners carefully.

My favourite practitioners for ‘mystery’ conditions are the above, but also a herbalist or naturopath, or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner, who can help with adjuncts like herbs and supplements, and will investigate different avenues than your doctor will.

Sorry I couldn’t be much help, but chronic pain from an unknown source needs individual, in-person care. Your flesh is still very flexible because you are 21, so you have the greatest options for healing completely – it seems solvable.

Foot reflexology in the interim

To help relieve some of the pain at home before or during your appointments, check out the UTI page for how to get rid of a UTI at home using reflexology. I know you don’t have a UTI, but the pressure points are the same. Do your bladder, ureters, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and vagina points where you can find them (you may need to look them up), firmly, and find the areas that hurt the most – they are the parts of your body that are likely causing you pain.

Push firmly so it just hurts a little bit, then increase the pressure as you can – there is no need to hurt yourself, but you do need to be causing some discomfort, or it doesn’t work. Do 30 seconds on each point, and do the cycle several times, then see how you feel when you pee. If it helped, even a little bit, it means your problem can be helped faster than you think. This is good news.

Write anytime.

Warmest regards,
Aunt Vadge

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